SELECT Commercial Services is a professional janitorial company with a 70+ year history of serving clients in the South, Southeast and Midwest. We partner with local, regional and national clients of all sizes. You’ll enjoy the same attention to detail and service, whether a single tenant facility or a high-rise multi-tenant office tower.

Your individual and tenant needs are the driving force behind our hands-on approach. We’re available and responsive to any changes in daily operations, with a constant eye on quality control.

Our goal is for our clients to view their properties with pride and peace of mind that comes with a consistently clean, safe and healthy environment. SELECT Commercial Services is an extension of your own management team, acting on your behalf to better serve your owner, tenants and guests.

Mission Statement

At SELECT Commercial Services, it is our mission to be the innovative service leader who, through continuous improvement, partners well with our clients, our suppliers and our community; fostering long term relationships built on trust, discipline, and dedication to our core values.

Core Values

Our core values are the foundation of every relationship we have and they drive every decision we make, large and small:

  • Discipline – We maintain a team of self-managed professionals who take pride in their accomplishments and a job well done.
  • Focus –We are united and moving in one direction to achieve our goals.
  • Action  – We translate our goals into action and finish what we start.
  • Trust – We tell the truth and make it safe to be open and honest at all times by practicing transparency.  We trust each other and foster professional growth and improvement.
  • Ethics – We do the right thing for the right reason with the right people.
  • Integrity – Our transparent operations achieve win-win results and positive solutions.
  • Right people / right role – We identify talent & strengths and make assignments accordingly.
  • Innovation – We utilize industry-related associations and environmental experts to vet new ideas and identify the best or most improved solutions.