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SELECT Commercial Services is a professional janitorial company with a 100+ year history of serving clients in the South, Southeast and Midwest. We partner with local, regional and national clients of all sizes. You will enjoy the same attention to detail and service, whether a single tenant facility or a high-rise multi-tenant office tower.

Your individual and tenant needs are the driving force behind our hands-on approach. We’re available and responsive to any changes in daily operations, with a constant eye on quality control.

Our goal is for our clients to view their properties with pride and peace of mind that comes with a consistently clean, safe and healthy environment. SELECT Commercial Services is an extension of your own management team, acting on your behalf to better serve your owner, tenants and guests.

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Mission Statement

At SELECT Commercial Services, it is our mission to be the innovative service leader who, through continuous improvement, partners well with our clients, our suppliers and our community; fostering long term relationships built on trust, discipline, and dedication to our core values.

Core Values

Our core values are the foundation of every relationship we have and drive every decision we make, large and small:



SELECT maintains a team of self-disciplined professionals who take pride in their accomplishments by following our internal guidelines and strategies. Our discipline creates a competitive edge, consistently watching the direction we move to deter compromises.



Being focused allows us to do a better quality of work, more work gets done quicker, and our creative ideas flow easier.  Focus helps effectively maintain positive perceptions and strengthens the ability to deliver the best decisions when problem solving the challenges.



We translate our goals into action and finish what we start.  To focus on the present and eliminate distractions provides the strongest impact.   Action Planning, creates strong ownership and full accountability for the desired results.   



Trust is earned through actions and is a strength we nurture as part of our company culture.  We choose to be vulnerable and courageous internally and take the risk of operating with transparency, internally and externally.  It is not always easy…. but it is always worth it!



We do the right thing for the right reason with the right people.  The nature of our ultimate value system as an organization is based on judgments and principles that are moral and philosophically right. 



Our transparent operations achieve win-win results and positive solutions.  Integrity requires telling the truth – even if the truth is ugly.  In that, we remain whole and undivided inspiring loyalty and trust with our team, with our clients.


Right people

We value talent & strength, striving always to bring out the best in each other.   Team members are conscientious, striving to do what is right, leading by example, engaging others, and investing in each other to be honorable and right-minded in all behaviors. 



We utilize industry-related associations and environmental experts to vet new ideas and identify the best or most improved solutions.  With the aim of improving efficiency and gaining a competitive advantage we are fearless to field test and improve our processes.


We greatly appreciate the working relationships we have with the real estate community. Being active supporters, members, and participants of various organizations keeps us informed and connected to the issues that affect our clients. Such active involvement gives us an opportunity to strengthen relationships with customers and be proactive when addressing matters related to building cleaning or ‘green’ management.


Joel Austin

Regional Manager

“The technology SELECT Commercial Services uses to receive electronic work orders plays a key role in managing our property successfully.  They can respond to problems quickly and get them resolved.  SELECT is more than a vendor -- they’re part of my team.”

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Sarah Buckles

Senior Property Manager

“It is very important for us to work with companies like SELECT Commercial Services who support our sustainability philosophy. The green seal products and equipment they use has been a major contributing factor in our IEQ points allowing for us to receive LEED Gold at three of our buildings.”


Amanda Osterkamp

Real Estate Manager

"SELECT Commercial Services never fail to go above and beyond what’s expected. I can always count on them to get the job done without sacrificing the quality of their work."


Jessica Warrior

Senior Property Manager

“I have watched SELECT Commercial Services grow from a new company to one of the leaders in the industry.  They are always looking for ways to serve their customers better, and they set themselves apart by the level of service they provide each and every day. I never hesitate to recommend them wholeheartedly to my colleagues.”

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