Detailed Transition Plan

The cleaning lady shows the structure of the housekeeping service on blurred background.

Switching to a new provider can be uncomfortable, even scary. No one can afford a long learning curve with mistakes and missteps. The new team must be prepared to take over and meet expectations from day one.  We have created a Detailed Transition Plan for every new client.

As soon as SELECT is awarded a new contract, the transition process begins:

  • Conduct tenant interviews to discover special requirements and needs
  • Enter tenant notes and information into web-based tracking system
  • Review building security procedures
  • Review key/card control procedures
  • Order equipment & supplies
  • Prepare (SDS) log for all chemicals that will be used
  • Conduct background checks on cleaning team
  • Conduct a cleaning team orientation & training
  • Review periodic specifications to enter schedules into our web-based tracking program
  • Organize a transition team to conduct nightly inspection for the startup week

Our goal is to ensure a smooth and seamless conversion with zero defects.

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