Technology Integration

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SELECT uses a web-based performance tracking system to organize, schedule, identify changes or issues and measure for quality control. Such a systematic, centralized approach to cleaning improves communication and keeps everyone’s expectations crystal clear.

Communication between you, the tenant, the cleaning team and SELECT is essential for maintaining your property the way you want it. Our system, operating in ‘real time’, lets managers respond quickly within a facility, documenting, communicating, and reporting activity on their Microsoft Surface Laptops.

Benefits of utilizing the web-based Performance Tracking System:

  • Publish daily cleaning requirements
  • Schedule periodic specifications
  • Chart trends within a facility or specific tenant space to identify next actions/solution
  • Organize and confirm special requests for timing, assignment & completion
  • Monitor completion & quality rating for all services provided
  • Expedient communication between appropriate parties (real time)
  • Document weekly walk-throughs
  • Rate & records formal inspections
  • Report operational efficiency
  • Anticipate data-based tenant needs
  • Proactively evaluate changing building conditions to develop new solutions
  • Identify & communicate less obvious trends - physical complaint vs a perception issue
  • Contribute data to support budgeting & projects management decisions
  • Record & track special projects and above building standard assignments.
  • Ability to see trends, offer modifications and empirically document solutions
  • Photographic recording of site conditions (Pre-Post completions)

Planning is the beginning, but to exceed mutual expectations is our real mission.

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